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I have the flared body CMC, standard IRS volkswagen drive train w/5.5 chrome mangle rims, 205/50 front and 255/50 rears, and four bolt drums, is there a way to move the tires out closer to wheel lip? What are my options?

Thanks to all forum members, I have followed your posts for close to a year and have learned a lot.
1957 CMC(Flared Speedster)
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There are wheel shops that will cut out the center of your wheel and move it to what ever location you want in the rim. A local place in the Denver metro is trudesign. I had them re-position my steel stock chrome rims and change them from 5.5 to 7". It Took them a while to find the 7" that would fit on my centers, but they are squeezed in under my non flared fenders. They also need fewer weights to balance them. when I added rear disks that pushed the wheels out a 1/4" and had them moved to accomodate the change using the same centers and rims. About 55$ a wheel to move and plus something if you want widder rims.
I have a flared cmc with 225 50 16 wheels 7 inches wide. The wheels were from a porsche 928, disc type and chrome. The offset on the wheel was such that it would move the wheel inboard. I had to have wheel adapters made from the 4 bolt hub on my car to the 5 bolt 130mm pattern of the porsche. The width of the spacer had to be two inches to fit everything in the fender. Came out perfect with little room to spare. The 225's do well on the front also. I have a friend with a machine shop who gave me his shop's use for free. Paid another machinist 10 dollars an hour for labor and I also helped. The spacers were a pain and the cost was 300 dollars with a sweetheart deal. Much work involved. The looks were so improved it was worth the time and money to me, and the Car handles well with the yokahama Z rated tires.
I have to wonder if you will be able to space those 255/50/16 out wider on the rear? Do you really have that much space? If so, You can easily get spacers made or purchased in a wide variety of widths. I'd advocate that you be sure your wheel studs are solid in the hubs and that your front bearings are double checked and adjusted a little more frequently than traditional service schedules. I did space my 205/50/16 on my CMC-C out by an inch and a quarter up front and they look better and have lots of room. In the rear I feel like I woiuld prefer almost an 1/2 inch of clearance on the drivers side.

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