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Hi all - I'm new here and in search of a window channel for an Apal Speedster with the pull out windows.   Any ideas?  I had my beautiful car made more beautiful a year or so ago and within days lost the window channel - little metal shaft which sits in the door frame and holds the window prong.  The people who did the refurb - Chesil - have sold to Westfield Sportscars - and they only do wind up windows.   If anyone can point me in the right direction for a new window channel (and potentially a spare) I'd be very grateful. :-)


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  • Window channel in place
  • Lack of window channel
  • My beautiful speedster 1
  • My beautiful speedster 2
  • Inside my beautiful speedster
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Just about any large, DIY store plumbing department (B&Q, Homebase, etc) has water feed pipes in the plumbing section under "kitchen" or "bath" that are chromed and flared just like what you are looking for.   The newer versions have an integrated nylon seal, but the older versions are flared and carried for repairing older faucets and toilets.  They will be much longet than you need, like 12" to 18" long, but they are easily cut to the length you'll need.

IIRC:  I believe that you need something that will accept a 5/16" mount pin, but measure what you have, or bring it with you to the DIY store to make sure it is a good fit.


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