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I've got my car tested and on the road - woohoo
I noticed the windshield rubber was perished to I'd like to replace it.
does anyone recognize this profile so know what to order?

356 bottom screen ruber

Under the windscreen the body work has a small "hump" that the underside of the screen sits on - I forgot to photograph it - I presume thats usual?

And here's a picture of me after a happy first drive.

my 356

Still lots to do.
   interior door  handles
   new soft top
   engine oil cooler
   bonnet and boot stays
   ... and lots more

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Your pictured rubber is a more generic windshield rubber, probably TrimLoc or CRL brand.  Not specific to 356 but it works.  The 356 profile is a bit more complicated as shown in the Vintage link, with a groove for the glass, a groove for the lower track, a bulb to seal the track and a wiper to seal the inside edge.  Not sure where Greg (VS) gets his rubber but we have ours extruded for us and also sell it to several Pcar catalogs.

As for the hump in your body, that is not common or authentic.  Best guess is that it is something added by the manufacturer of your kit.  The original (and most replicas) use a lower track fastened to the body.  Some use a simple L channel, sliced and bent, we make an extrusion that is formed to fit the car.

You can view most of these items on our parts page however I have also been instructing my parts guys to deactivate many of the parts that are slow coming in so we can ensure we have them for our builds, so if something isn't there it is likely temporarily backordered/disabled.

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