Can Not compress windshield bottom rubber at posts to close gap at  center of body.  Windshield  does fit without rubber.  Yes, have read 20180808_10211720180808_10384220180808_10384920180808_10391820180808_10512420180808_11014120180808_11015920180808_110442"How to Install Speedster Windshield".  Yes, have drilled for post Per Drill Guide Template.  


Any help Appreciated:  Jokers and comedians save your comments for "Anything Goes Forum"


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You file the rubber groove at each side by about 5 mm on about 10 cm, so the windshield glass will be able to go down in the rubber groove at each side. You should do your positioning with the tension Rod.
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Did the Aluminum trim piece come pre-notched every inch or so?  That made it easier to shape.  DrClock also recommended using plastic VW fender welting under the aluminum for a finished look.

Is there any place I can get the detailed windshield install instructions.  I cracked my 1st windshield and had to use an alternate gasket to fill the gaps (cmc body).  I'd like to use the proper bottom gasket and aluminum trim piece.  would like to know it is doable prior to diving into it.  I'll need to order new glass and probably new frame and upper/lower gaskets.  The CMC frame is not formed to align perfectly with the upper edge of the glass - impossible to bend into the perfect shape.  Also the upper "gasket" is more like sheet metal edge trim so makes it very difficult to work with. -- any suggestions would be gladly appreciated.  My car will be getting out of paint in the next few weeks

If buying posts and frame you need to purchase from the same Vendor as there at slight differenced in windshield frame width that can make for extra time routing out the windshield posts to fit the frame.   Glad to talk with you to explain the process  message me and we'll call.  ~ Alan

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