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It reduces the weight for sure but probably isn't legal in most states.  Many states would check for the DOT stamp --- others don't look. Safety glass with the plastic sheet between 2 pieces of glass is standard.  You don't want a bird, dog or you shattering it and getting impaled by jagged shards.  It would also scratch and get stone pits.

It depends. In my case, Carey warned me when I asked him to replace my lexan screen with a Speedster screen that the windshield header would hit me right in my line of sight. (me= 6’2” w/32” inseam)

He was, of course, correct. After dealing with it for a couple of years I noticed something: when I drive it for more than 15 minutes at a time, I would slouch in the seat in order to see under the header, which resulted in a backache in short order.

So I switched back, and couldn’t be happier. At speed, the wind flow hits me right at the top of my forehead, so much that by tilting my head forward and back an inch, I can keep my cap on or feel it starting to lift. And there is nothing impeding my forward vision.

FWIW, I’ve ridden motorcycles with plexi-screens for thirty years and never had a bird or dog shatter one and impale me with shards. Knocking on wood.

That said, I do wear ANSA-approved eye protection in case a stone or a bug invades the laminar flow and hits my face, same as I do on a motorcycle.

Personally, I think it looks better, too.


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Wolfgang has a point about the legality, so look into it before you take the plunge.
Back when we had state inspections, the criteria was that everything your car was equipped with “when manufactured” had to work. So wipers might have been an issue. But never was for the Spider. The only thing “inspected” was the VIN.
Since then I’ve registered the Spider as a “1955 Special Construction” and my state requires no inspection of any kind for vehicles 40< years old.

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In NY, there are no emissions for vehicles older than 1996(OBD II began that year).

However, it DEPENDS on your state's inspection and licensing laws, especially if the car is NEW and being registered for the first time.

My Spyder has no emission check, but safety is checked: brakes, tires, lights, windshield.

I have a glass windshield, but I have no problem with those who have plexiglass. It's just not what I want to do.

Over all the years I have driven a speedster, I have taken a rock to the windshield twice. Both times just at forehead height and enough of an impact to significantly fracture the glass. Sure, many will say that it's the same risk as an open face motorcycle helmet.  Motorcycles place your head a couple of feet higher than a speedster and a spyder is even lower to the ground. I personally would be afraid to have a portion of my head exposed above the plexi windscreen.

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