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Berry, it seems to me that a windshield wiper would scratch and ruin the plastic windscreen in about 3-4 wipes. I can't imagine giving it a try without expecting disasterous results. But, maybe it's best to directly ask Vintage Spyders if they have a recommendation.

Good Luck,
.....Mark I thought the same but I see a lot of Spyders with them on the net and I just wonder how those folks are getting around that problem. In Louisiana you would be given a ticket without a brake sticker. I thought about how abrasive a windshield wiper would be on the acrylic and decided if there was one I would just never drive the car in incremental weather. I would only install it for legalities
if there was one available.

....Harry I like the racing windshield and would never use them on the plastic race type. I am just trying to figure out how to circumnavigate my break sticker laws so I can drive the car.I would never get it out of my garage on a day it will rain so I really wouldn't be needing them anyway but I need to have a brake sticker
to drive.

Berry, maybe you could swing a deal with your builder to "loan" you a standard speedster glass windshield long enough to get the car approved. Then you could switch to the the plexi windshield. I have heard that at least one manufacturer's windshield is directly bolt-for-bolt interchangeable with the speedster glass windshield.

After the switch, remove the wiper or the fuse (per Harry). Of coarse I would never suggest this if you have issues with local laws. ;)
Motorcycles have plexi/lexan windshields and no wipers...

You might take a peak at exactly how the windshield and windshield wiper law is written in your state. They can be very weird. Oregon for instance, requires a windshield wiper but does NOT require a windshield... Go figure.

Oregon also does not require a wiper be powered. It can be a hand crank wiper.

Research and take advantage of the individual state's poor law making abilities! I mean hey, if us car nuts can't take advantage of the loopholes, there's no point in them existing! If that doesn't work, a little electric gizmo one with a silicone blade over a clean lexan surface will get you thru inspection (sounds like anyway).

....Thanks for the many replies on this thread. I will be in the market to buy a spyder in a few monthes and just wanted to know how I could legally drive one with the racing windshield here in Louisiana.
The laws specifically state it needs to be electric but does not say how many I need to have so I could get by with one on the drivers side. It also doesn't say it needs to be internal or external so an
exterior unit may could be fabricated. I will bring some pictures of
a spyder with the racing windshield to a large boat company here in
the New Orleans area to see if a boat windshield wiper could be installed as most boats have cute little wrap around windshields.
Does anyone know of any close up pictures of the racing windsheld

Berry (condor)
Bike screens are acrylic (plexiglas) So when you fly thru them they break. Helmet faceshields are polycarbonate (Lexan) or better be. Rocks in the face are BAD. I have used Rainex on both and many car wind screens and think it is the best. The faster you go the better your vision.
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