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I know this topic has come up a number of times in the past: switching out the black VW wipers arms for something a bit more period correct. (Rather than painting them silver)

I received a notification in my email Friday (as I’m sure many of you did) in reference to a sale at Sierra Madre for wipers. 

Please see attachments. 


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Ryan, I believe @TRP and @*LongFella have some experience installing the “correct” wiper arms onto our cars. The ones @*LongFella installed are the ones available from Sierra Madre now. The ones @TRP recommends are not available. Could either one of you weigh as as to what is required to install the wiper arms?  Any grinding or drilling, or is it plug and play with our VS wiper assemblies?

VW wiper shafts used at least 2 types of wiper arm attachment.  Early ones (pre-67/68) were hidden from view and a small bolt was tightened to grip post (I think 356 used the same concept but not sure size of the post was same).  Later VW (68 up) used the big ~13-14 MM visible cap nut.  That was used on later Porsche (even the last couple 356 models) but of course, the arm was much longer.

No idea what make/year wiper motors VS used - mine is CMC so wiper motor is from donor so from a 71 bug.


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Thanks so much for the "heads up", Kevin. And for the tips regarding what to buy, Longfella. You guys are the bestest.

Kevin - Bay Area posted:

@Ryan in NorCal  I don't know if you ordered yet, but the discount code did not apply to the wiper arm set.  However, it did apply to the Jorg wiper arms:


My cart total with the two wiper arms and blades is: $65.89

My set is on the way, so now I can hang out with the cool kids.

Thanks for the tip on how to get the discount. $65.89+ $10.45 shipping to 61550, so my "all in" was 76 bucks and change, which is a lot for wipers.

But you can't put a price on cool. Buy once, cry once.

I was also too excited to let them sit in the box, and installed the new wipers and wiper arms yesterday. 

It is an simple procedure. 

1. Remove old wiper arms (mine had a cap on the top that needed to be removed first to expose what I believe is a 10mm nut. Take off nut. I put a number of microfiber rags down surrounding the arm. Using a regular screwdriver I gently pried the arm off the assembly). 

2. Locate position of new wiper arms and blades on windshield,

3. Use a small file to file a bit of a flat spot on the wiper threaded post,

4. Install new arms  



I still need to put the slight bend in the arms, similar to the restoration photos I snagged off Wilhoit’s website. (Attached)


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Ryan, I was a bit alarmed as well when installing. Yes, it wasn’t exactly the plug and play I had hoped, but with a little modification, I think you can get the desired look.  (Which always seems to be the case with these cars)

Which is why I immediately turned to Wilhoit to see how their restorations appear. 

It appears on their restorations, the arms sit high exposing more distance between the body and bottom of wiper arm. 

I zoomed in to the photos I attached earlier to highlight this distance. 

I filed a flat spot due to @TRP comment about the arms flying off. At least I thought he said arms. I figured a flat spot would be a little better in terms of grip. 


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Don'r over think this. Pop off the plastic nut cover, 10mm nut gets removed, I gripped and ripped the old ww off the spline, use a round screwdriver to tilt out the small block on the new ww arm, line it up and tighten the bolt. If you want file a flat spot on the ww post spline before you put the new arm on. Make sure the blade portion is set back about a half inch from the end and tighten the blade to the arm. Turn on the ww and check for clearance.

I suppose if you don't like the way the arm sits proud of the body, which isn't much, you could file the post a little shorter so the arm sits lower. Just don't overdo it or the arm could contact the body.

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