So . . . why did Porsche always stick the wipers in front of the driver?  Who wants to look through wipers?  I moved mine as you can see.


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Now you've thrown off the carefully planned and seldom thought of E-W weight distribution. Cornering will be terrible 

Eric, do you have any evidence of total effective swept area with the wipers set the factory way compared to your way ?  I can see the want to have the wipers out of your sight when stowed but I can't see on mine at least, that the total swept is as good as the original setup. 

I have good coverage in front of the driver's line of sight, decent overlap in the center and good coverage on the right. 

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Eric Marshall Green posted:

David, I did answer your question, but my typing was poor.  SAME CLEARANCE.

I guess you are equating my words "total effective swept area" with "same clearance". 

Your pic of the front of your Roadster at the beginning of this thread got my attention as it looks like a whole lot of windshield is not getting wiped in the 7 to 10 o'clock area as viewed by the driver. 

Just for fun I'll check my car out in more detail when I get it home. 

"Es machts nichts fur mich!" * On the second day driving my brand new shiny Vintage Speedster 430 miles from Hawaiian Gardens to its new home, I ran into a major winter rain storm. I immediately discovered why the speedster top was relegated to "Emergency Use Only."  I damn near drowned and it took several days to dry out the car's interior. I swore a solemn oath to NEVER again allow Speedy out even with dark clouds on the horizon...let alone in any friggin' rain!  That was December of 2008 and I've been faithful to that oath ever since. That's why "es machts nichts fur mich" what side the wipers are on, and...if it wasn't "probable cause" to be pulled over by CA CHP, I wouldn't even have wipers affixed!

*"It doesn't matter to me" im Deutsch

"I swore a solemn oath to NEVER again allow Speedy out even with dark clouds on the horizon...let alone in any friggin' rain! "

That's easier to do in CA than in other parts of the country.  Here in coastal SC we have pop-up showers pretty much any time during the warmer months.  The heat and humidity are such that all it takes is the right wind to squeeze the air a bit and a thunderhead forms out of nowhere.  You have to be prepared, and you have to accept that at some point you WILL get rained on.

Florida Panhandle from about June into August we have the daily drenching from about 2:30 pm until 3:15 pm. The rest of the day it's just hot and humid.

Then comes hurricane season. But, you now when those are coming.

January and February, it can get pretty cool, this morning 36 degrees and when it rains it can last for a couple days.

So I pay very close attention to the weather report.


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