I've decided to go a little more traditional and now look for 4 lug,  P crested nipple hubcaps. Have a nice set of chrome moons for sale or trade. Any leads to a good up to date source to buy new would be appreciated. Thanks.

David Stroud

 '92 IM Roadster D 2.3 L Air Cooled

Ottawa, Canada


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David, a small note about the SoCal crests. They're crested, but not 'P-crested'. If you zoom in, you'll see the P-word is conspicuously missing.

Some folks care about that, some don't, but, at $20 a pop just for the crests (in addition to the hubcaps), it's something you should at least know about.

Curiously, they used to include the crests in the cost of the hubcaps, which sold for about $20 a piece (maybe $18?). Now, what looks like the same crest is sold separately for more than the hubcap itself.

I suspect this is the work of lawyers.




20 Years ago I got caps from JC Whitney that included both PORSCHE and STUTTGART.  Years later PORSCHE was missing and few years after that STUTTGART was missing.  The Made in Taiwan sticker was still there!  PORSCHE AG lawyers at work!


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