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I don't much care for the look of the woven wire cage, preferring the cast grill (second picture above) .  Both work,  so if function supersedes style for you, pick whichever. As shown the grill Attaches with just the screw thingie at the bottom, as I recall.  Might need that to be special, as in a bit longer than otherwise to accommodate.  Very much endorse one or the other, as I had an "encounter" recently that left one of my grills bent, but no glass broken.  Shyt happens my friends ...

@Alan Merklin yessir. I plan on swapping out the current lights for some yellow/amber Hellas. I think they looks great against the silver body for that rally look.

with my pending 356 being a bit more clean & bougie, I’m quasi planning on making this one a bit more of a Racer look. Hood/door numbers, maybe some martini style stripes down the center. But then I think about what beautiful clean lines the car has on its own merit and say to myself - don’t do that stupid.

... and so now its on to seeing in the dark. Original Speedster headlamps were, and in many cases still are, horrible.  So one adds some driving lights.  Well, hell yes, that works.  And then came along LEDs. well hoo-ha!!  My original lights, quartz halogen H4s, worked but not well.  Then they started to draw too much current, don't know why, but wires started to melt, and after the third headlight switch burned up, alternatives were required. So  I installed relays to operate the four filaments, one relay each plus I bought a real-deal headlight dash switch, vs cheap-o Chinese versions. .  that solved the wire melting, switch burning issue.  But ... those lights were still rather dim overall.  I then shopped for LEDs and found a direct H4 plug and play replacement.  That is a real WHOO-HOO!! Best investment per dollar yet for the Speedster.  when you Put those brights on, plus the driving lights, two things happen: the night is turned in to day, and you can see it all, plus, a**holes that won't dim their lights get a real surprise.

EL, the LED to H4 conversion sometimes makes you lose the focus on the H4 lenses that is why Daniel Stern a lighting consultant does not suggest we goto LED's without considering the beam pattern.  

This company;

makes LED's which matches the hot spot of the h4 bulb.

On the other hand one could get new buckets made for the LED bulbs something that some of the guys here have done.

I wanted more output but reached a compromise with H4  lately I have 70/100 in them for even more light.

I looked, can't come up with specifics -- my filing system leaves a lot to be desired.  But I got them at headlightrevolution.  Google them and see what you come up with.  Warning: this market is crazy with options.  There is so much to choose from.  And most of it is trying to see how many lumens you can cast into the universe.  Lots of it crazy expensive and way too complicated.  First, be sure you know what you have installed (H4s??) then look for replacements.  headlightrevolution has lots of very informative videos.  I'll keep looking.

@Chappy posted:

@El Frazoo do you happen to know/have the part numbers/info for the direct plug and play upgrades?


I don't know about @El Frazoo's specific parts info but my Vintage Car LED direct plug and play's are: VC4000 7 Inch LED Headlight Kit - Classic Lens Upgrade. You'll find all their headlights at    Note: Free Shipping on all Orders $75+ to Lower 48 states.

Note: there may be some issues with new regulations.  I see on the website some verbiage about maybe these LEDs are illegal for headlight use. recommend you chat with folks at headlightrevolution.  They do seem to know what they are talking about.  Website lists these plug and play for fog lights only, so I'm a bit confused.  I got mine two years ago . . .

The things I got had the exact same form factor as the Halogen ones I had.  including the three prong electrical push ons.  What I see on the website these days look different.  So ???

Here are the H4 bulbs that I was talking about with P43T I have yet to try them but I have been following this company for a few years as they make more and more improvements in the LED drop in bulbs for H4 reflectors. In my case I have to use an adaptor to convert the light to a P45T (on this site as well )


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