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Some of you know I have been slowly building a CMC Speedster but need a part for my Replica MG TD many of you have seen.

It seems my Vintage Reproduction Speedo has bitten the dust and I need a matching replacement for the rest of the gauges in my TDR. It is the type that came with many Fiberfab and CMC ( all types )  kits 20 plus years ago. It is white faced with a stainless rim ( but could be a crackled black that I can remove ) and says as above – Vintage and at the bottom Reproduction.

It is about 3 5/8″ to 3 3/4″ wide. If i can remember how to post a picture I will try posting one of my old broken unit.

Please check your old stock and cabinets if you have one to spare.  PM me and we can talk off line and trade photos and pricing.

Thanks for your help

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Thanks guys - I have a couple of leads I am working on but no luck so far - will keep looking - the innards of the speedo are ok - it is the squared off area where the cable locks in that has rounded out and ruined both the cable and speedo socket. 

I don't think the CMC VINTAGE Speedo gauge is worth having NH Speedo replace the guts --- if VDO parts would even fit.  The cases are plastic, not metal.  Aren't their rebuild like $225+ per gauge?

I sold the 5 VINTAGE gauges that came with my CMC for like $100 complete with sending units.  (Argh after cutting the larger than any other gauge holes in the dash!) They were sold as an option on CMC Speedsters, MGTD and Gazelle so should be a lot of them out there. 

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