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Penny is a month old and finally has a decent tool/roadside kit. I listened to all who chimed in and scoured the forums for tips, so here's the kit, velcroed nicely to the frunk carpeting:

* Tire Goo

* Duct Tape

* Duster

* Sunscreen

* NexPow Jump Starter with 1800 Mah battery and 2 USB charging ports

* Full metric socket kit with Sparkplug socket and lug wrench

* Full set of allen wrenches, screwdrivers, etc

* Full set of fuses

* Powerful LED flashlight

* LED Road Flares Kit

* Mini Digital Tire Pump

* Analog Tire gauge

* Zip Ties in various sizes

* Extra fan belt

* Gloves

* Hand warmers

* Hubcap removal tool

* First Aid Kit

All in a neat little roll up bag that I found on Amazon.

Of course, I'm still learning slowly about general maintenance, but at least if I'm ever stuck on the side of the road, I'll have the tools/kit ready for the repairman

Thank you all again for the continued guidance. And let me know if I'm forgetting something essential.


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@David Stroud IM Roadster D great idea about the jack and plug spares. I forgot to add the fuses, but they are there. Unfortunately, with the weather, she's only been on short drives and has yet to get her first initial oil change service....but as summer arrives, I'll be sure to include the jack and motor oil for longer trips.

The hubcaps are on the way. Still haven't decided if I prefer the nipple crest or moon caps that she has right now.

Maybe a few spares too if not mentioned in another thread. Plugs, points, cap and condenser or electronic equivalent, feeler gauges, motor oil, fuses, jack and a BFH ? Extra hubcaps if you're a female in Cali... :-)

Hi, Julie....that quip was not aimed at you just FYI. Again, :-) There was a young Lady on here a few years back called Annaliese from Cali and she had a shyt load of trouble keeping her hubcaps on her newly acquired car. She presented herself here as a bit of a hottie and as a result received a fair amount of teasing. She was keen to learn more about other speedster owner's cars though and indicated to some degree that she'd like to get together with others to compare cars. I asked her one time if she'd like to get together some evening around eight for a coffee or something and she said it would be a "definite possibility". Some local rounder then explained to her that I live in Ottawa, Canada, was married and elderly and buggered the deal up. Some of us found it hilarious. That might have been five or six years ago...we thought it was fun at the time. Hope you get the drift of this and do ok with your car.

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Did I see a spare fan belt and throttle cable? And the right wrench to undo and redo the pulley nut?  Duct tape is fine for -- I dunno, but blue painter's tape is a must if you go any distance in the rain.  And some of that anti-fog stuff for the inside of the windshield. A spare qt of oil. oil rags, and maybe a nasty old sweatshirt if you hafta crawl under there and do ?? and it's wet or otherwise troublesome.  And I have found that a small plastic tarp or similar can be ever so helpful if it is in fact wet and you need to lie down.

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