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Planning A Trip To Maui?

You need to know about THE LIST !!

Maui is a magical place in many ways.  Why?  When a seasoned traveler hears you may be planning a visit for the first time, you will magically receive a list of  unsolicited “must-do” activities. 

It doesn't matter if it's a friend, a co-worker or just an overly familiar patron in a grocery store line.  Give it a try, mention a possible trip to Maui Roadster PictureMaui the next time you are in line to buy a carton of eggs.  Not only will the clerk chime in, most others in range of hearing will offer up the experiences you can't miss.  Inexplicably, somehow, everyone who has been to Maui, has The List.  Well, their list, and that's the fun part.

So what is on The List?   First and foremost, without hesitation, everyone starts out with the road to Hana, which has it's own personal recipe of ingredients and timing.  Inevitably though, the list ends with a few secret gems that are so coveted, so intimate, the well-meaning advisor unknowing whispers them before releasing you from their captivity. 

That's the good stuff, take a mental note. No, write that stuff down!

You may ask, what List gems have I heard over the years?   Included are; when to take the road to Hana, what to buy at the amazing shrimp food truck and how find the handmade popsicle stand which is the #1 restaurant in Hana according to (at the time of this writing). Rarely, someone whispers a shared secret that enhances all other secret lists combined. That shared secret is Maui Roadsters.

Most travelers get to the island, hop on the free tram to a rental car agency and hope for a method of transportation which isn't entirely repulsive.  They reason, “well it's about the attractions on the island, this will just get us from place to place”.  They are right, to a degree, but they are missing one of the most unique delivery methods of those same attractions.

Driving a speedster on Maui enhances every other experience you can have.  Instead of surviving the road to Hana, you live the 620 curve adventure.  Instead of searching for the amazing shrimp truck on a map, you follow the mouth-watering smell in an open top roadster. Instead of tracing directions to the hand-made popsicle cart, you're flagged down and offered a 2-for-1 deal on the tasty little treats.  Smiles, waves and the invariable hang-loose gesture fly at you from passing locals and vacationers alike. Proof positive, everything on Maui can be enhanced by a few hours in a Speedster!

I was delighted to hear that a Speedster rental fleet was available from Maui Roadsters.  Of course, the recommendation came to me from a friend who practically whispered it as part of his secret list.  As with other secret gems, the rental office location was hidden, not even a sign on the road.  But when you have such beautiful cars coming and going, who needs a sign?  I followed the GPS coordinates which led toMaui
Roadster Picture several well maintained Speedsters.  Each car was unique and there were various colors and configurations, most are factory optioned cars from 

The Maui Roadsters website is easy to use, even for the non-techno prospective vacationer.  Simply browse the available cars, which are each named based on their driving personality.  I liked Kala, meaning “Free” in Hawaiian, with it's big 2110cc engine. While my wife preferred Lani, meaning  “Heavenly” and outfitted with wide white-wall 1957 style tires.  Whatever the choice, select the desired car, view the available dates and book online.
Here's a challenge, traverse the highways of Maui and attempt to count the Ford Mustangs or Chevy Camaros from the big-box rental companies.  It's mind boggling.  Sure, those cars are fun, but the Speedster is an experience and I contest that vacations are about experiences.  In addition, I was amazed to find costs for a specialty convertible from national rental agencies to be in the same price range as a classic Speedster.  Where the large rental agencies charge extra for multiple insurance policies, Maui Roadsters includes everything for one price.

There is however one caution.  My grandfather used the term “motoring” to describe the act of piloting an open top classic roadster.  The idea of a no-frills, in the elements, sometimes loud experience can be summed up by the term “motoring”.  You are exposed, it can be windy and dirty, but it's also delightful.  If you or your significant other depend on air-conditioned luxury, this is probably not the best option.

Whether you are a seasoned Speedster driver on vacation, want to test drive a Speedster before a purchase on the mainland or just looking for a memorable experience, is a great choice. Before I forget, tell them you read about the experience at, maybe they can broker a better deal on the popsicles for us.
Ohhh.... and the additional stuff you wanted to know...

The amazing Shrimp Truck, Geste Shrimp – Yelp Link  Located on Kahului Beach Road next to Kahului Harbor.  Lemon Pepper and Spicy Pineapple are both yummy.

Handmade Maui ice-pops, Shaka Pops – Located on a cart across from Hasegawa General Store in Hana.  Not only are they they the #1 restaurant in Hana according to at the time of this writing (#3 in all of Maui), if you drive up in a Maui Roadster, Angela will give you 2-for-1 on the pops.  Seriously!  We ate 4!!  Loved all 4, but we're partial to Coconut Lime and Maui Mocha.

Rent a Speedster in Maui –

About the author:
Theron has written software for the Fortune 100, stories for his friends and maintained for over 15 years.  He has experience as a programmer, sushi chef, pyrotechnic, slight-of-hand artist, butcher, carpenter, antique salesperson, improv comedian, pizza chef, dog trainer and the list goes on...  Lately, he just wants to drive a Speedster on Maui. and it's parent company IDIDTHAT, LLC. have no affiliation with Maui Roadsters, Shaka Pops or Geste Shrimp and were not compensated for this article.