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Library of Speedster and Spyder Reference

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Body Trim and Emblem Placement

Body Trim Placement.pdf
Copyright, however it appears this source no longer exists.
Intermeccanica Water-Cooled Speedster and Roadster Manual
Intermeccanica Roadster RS Manual
Vintage Speedsters - Wiring Diagram

Switches - Horn - Rear - Front - Guages
Speedster Replica Wiring Diagram

Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4
CMC Speedster Build Manual (circa 1980)
CMC Speedster Build Manual (circa 1984)
CMC Speedster Build Manual (circa 1984) ver2
CMC Speedster Assembly Manual (circa 1984)
CMC Speedster Drilling Templates (circa 1984)
FiberFab Speedster Build Manual (circa 1985) version A
Part1 Part2
FiberFab Speedster Build Manual (circa 1985) version B
Part1 Part2
Vintage Speedsters, Inc. Owners Manual (2003-Current)
Automobilli Intermeccanica Speedster Brochure (1979)
Maintenance & Performance (
How To Keep Your Volkswagen Alive
John Muir
Volkswagen Beetle and Karmann Ghia Service Manual, Type 1 : 1966-69
Robert Bentley
Vw Beetle : Performance Handbook
Keith Seume