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Spyder Manufacturers

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Vintage Motorcars

Hawaiian Gardens, CA USA Builder of 550 Spyders, 356 Coupes and Speedsters. Maintenance or Customization of Spyders, Coupes or Speedsters. Formerly Vintage Spyders (Not affiliated with Vintage Speedsters)
Current Manufacturers
Alloy Cars, Inc. Fort Lauderdale, FL USA Aluminum Body Spyders
JPS Motorsports San Marcos, CA USA Speedsters, Coupes and Spyders
Kitman Motors Coronado, CA USA Supplies Spyders, Speedsters and Coupe Kits along with chassis components. Does not produce Turn Key cars.
Perry Spyder Riverside County, CA USA VW pan 550 Spyder
Premier Classics Col. Del Valle C.P, Mexico 550 Spyder
Special Edition Bremen, IN USA Home of the famous Beck Speedster and Spyder
Former Manufacturers
Automobile Development Corporation Landover, MD USA Out of Business
Beck Development Hesperia, CA USA Out of Business
Custom Coachwerks El Cajon, CA USA Assets purchased by Rock West Racing
Chamonix Jarinu/SP, Brazil Out of Business
Classic Roadsters Limited Engham, Surrey UK Out of Business
GP Technical, Ltd. Cornwall, UK Out of Business
Graham McRae Auckland, NZ Out of Business
Martin and Walker Andover Hamphire, UK Out of Business
Prestige Classics, Inc. Houston, TX USA Out of Business
Rock West Racing San Diego, CA USA Out of Business
Ryan Motors California USA Out of Business
Scheib Ansback, Germany Out of Business
Seduction Motorsports Phoenix, AZ USA Out of Business
Thunder Ranch El Cajon, CA USA Assets purchased by Custom Coachwerks
Vintage Spyders Stanton, CA USA Now Vintage Motorcars Inc.
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