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Reply to "Chirp sound from alt. belt area"

mppickett posted:

Hi David, I'm glad it's coming together. Just curious, do you have a power crank pulley or a regular size one?


Giday, Mike. I don't know much about my engine other than it was built 55,000 km ago by a fellow in Vancouver, Canada that had a good reputation. Here's a pic of the new CB Performance alt pulley just sitting on the shaft and my hand holding one half of the pulley that had gone bad. Full o.d of the new ( black pulley ) is 4 1/4" and the one I'm holding is 3 3/4"o.d. 

I don't know what a crank "power" pulley is, nor do I know the o.d. of a regular sized one. My crank pulley is shown in the second blurry pic. It is 5 3/4" o.d. 

Now  quick poll to help make a colour decision on a small plane I'm rebuilding. 5th pic is the type of plane....just a small single seat job but it needs to get painted in Military yellow or silver. Which colour do any of you like, please ? Yellow 3rd pic or silver 4th pic ? Thanks. 




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