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3/8" huh? That's an old one. The newer stuff usses mini-led's.

Are you involved in an affair, divorce, lawsuit or know anyone who has subversive opinions about the government and it's actions or policies?

If so it's probably an investigator's recorder/tracking device power on indicator and infrared transmitter able to follow your every word, movement, and thought while sending the info to the big black cube in Sunnyvale, CA (NSA) by satlink.

If you're lucky it's leftover from investigations of your previous owner and just not yet recovered from the car. If you're not lucky and you are the subject then............Seeeeee Ya!
"It is absolutely essential that the (D+) terminal on the alternator be connected to a functioning "Alt" warning light in the instrument cluster. If this light is missing or defective, the alternator will NOT charge the battery."


Therefore, if that's true, if whoever put your CMC together couldn't figure out how to put a light in your dash without screwing it up, that light had to go somewhere.

Best guess. And the diagram shows a blue wire, if that helps.
Whatever you do, DON'T CUT THE BLUE WIRE!

If it was an alternator warning light it should go out and stay out first time you rev the engine to over 1500-2000 rpm and stay out until the engine is shut down. If it stays on constantly while running it's either NOT an alternator warning light or there is a charging problem.
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