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Hello all.  I am posting this listing for my Uncle that is looking to sell his Spyder.  Please see below for details.

2006 Beck 550 Spyder

Price:  $55,000 USD

Built in Southern California by Luke Richards.

VIN number is 550-395

10,400 km on the vehicle

2.2 Liter Subaru Engine

Single owner vehicle.

Titled and Registered in Virginia, but the car is located in Atascadero, CA.

See attached for pics.  The pics without the roll bar and in the grass are when I took pics a few years ago.  The other pics in the garage were taken within the past few weeks.  The car currently has a roll bar.

For more information about the vehicle, please contact the owner (my Uncle), Bill Webb.  He can be reached at 714-745-6657.

I may be able to answer some questions in PMs, but there may be a delay as I reach out to him.


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