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O' yee of little faith. I was trying to build anticipation and excitement for the event.

The 2019 West Coast gathering will be June 7th, 8th, and 9th.

The host hotel is:

Quality Suites San Luis Obispo
1631 Monterey St., San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
Hotel 805-541-5001

25 rooms at the rate of $229.00 have been secured for us for this event. You must call and reserve your room before April 29th, 2019. After that there is no guarantee you'll get a room. When you are booking your room tell them it is for the Speedster Owners Group. If you call after that date let them know you're with the group and you may still get the price. If you book and need to cancel later on post it here first and maybe you can transfer the room to someone else.

There is no obligation to stay at the host hotel, it just makes it easier to socialize, mix, mingle, party, drink, or whatever it is you want to do. If you want to stay somewhere else that's fine just make sure you make it there Friday evening to pick up your cruise packets with lunch and dinner tickets, t-shirts, cruise maps, and etc.

I'll be posting more information later regarding t-shirts, Saturday lunch, and the Saturday night dinner.

As always if you'd like to bring an item for the raffle it'd be greatly appreciated.

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I tried to remember everyone's screen names but as I get older I tend to forget things so if I left someone off the list and you remember them send them an @ invite.

I'd like to keep everything regarding the cruise to one thread so let's try not to start multiple ones. If I have to I will repost the hotel information so it stays near the top of the thread. 

Once your hotel is booked send me an email at robert dot


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