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x2 what Troy said. Our West Coast Cruise is not an exclusive cruise. Quite a few SOCers who no longer have their Speedsters still attend with their other favorite car. Cuz'n Vinny has driven his '57 T-bird and Cadillac XLT, GERD drives his (AHEM) Miata, Dave Mitchell drives his Fiat Spyder, Bill Nash brought his '72 El Camino, Troy has brought his Mercedes GLC, etc.

The event is not so much about the cars as it is the camaraderie we've all established over the years.

Don't miss the event simply because your Spyder is not ready. This IS NOT the PCA!! 

Ryan in NorCal posted:

It's red, not cardinal. Totally different colors. It'll be under your parka anyway.

Screen Shot 2019-06-04 at 10.26.57 AMScreen Shot 2019-06-04 at 10.29.33 AM

But why not. This fictitious product now comes in blue too.

I'd like one, long sleeve henley in graphite. Please add a white and copper racing stripe with the number 11 on the sleeve.

PLEASE let me know where to send the $4.00 + shipping.

Thank you.


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