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Ray from Canada sent me this. I figured I’d post it if anybody wants me to peak at it. It’s five minutes from my Naples place. I don’t care for the color interior, but it’s pretty loaded.

Marty Grzynkowicz

1959 Intermeccanica, Subaru H2O Turbo (Convertible D-GT) "Le Cafe Macchiato"

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While the interiors of the Vintage and Becks have improved drastically in the last few years nothing matches the IM. The quality I think justifies the price. But honestly the prices of the Vintage and Becks are approaching the IMs. I believe if Henry was still in business his Conv Ds would likely be approaching $120k. $80k sounds like a lot but it’s a very good deal. But those colors. 🤮

I would have to think that a new IM would have to start at $100-120, and then the options would be added.  An IM-6 ..... well it would be north of it.  In any case here is hoping that Reisner Carrozzeria becomes a car builder again in the future.  Does anyone know if the garage is fully operational and what staff they have from before?


I don't know if Henry will be able to build cars in his new shop.  I thought I read that the body molds were sold to somebody else, and to build a complete IM - as you know - is a lot of work.  Perhaps he will do servicing, repairs, sales of used IMs, etc.

As for your comment on the price of a new IM6, I certainly hope they would go for that much.

That makes mine worth all that more...

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