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I am Selling my Vintage Superwide Speedster It is Black with tan Interior. The motor is a 2161Stage 3 with AS 41 Case, chromoly 84mm Chevy journal crank, 5.400 connecting rods, 90.5mm balanced piston kit 042 heads 40mm x 35.5, scat camshaft,  full flow 26 mm oil pump, 90 amp alternator, magna spark ignition, 44 webers, Bergman 911 fan shroud, stainless A-1 Header, Kicker Blue tooth stereo, Two Identical sets of Rims and tires, 4 wheel Disc Brakes. 10” Vintage shifter

Asking Price: $ 50,500.00

Any Questions PM me or Call 937-539-1623D7954B35-2F32-49CC-B61B-C4613FDB79B07247696A-3FEF-4836-BEC2-F0D6A97CBA4B046A363B-EF21-4396-82DF-DE15CFE5159F6D57CB5C-4F92-4731-A31B-30557DFE135A2CEBFA0C-4921-49CF-9875-98B307A5CE92FD88A559-7A59-40F4-A5B5-DD9D969C0B53BA6C876C-1C64-461D-B260-7C83BD9A0F3B36DF33C0-9568-4871-8B87-3DBB2483020E


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  • D7954B35-2F32-49CC-B61B-C4613FDB79B0
  • 7247696A-3FEF-4836-BEC2-F0D6A97CBA4B
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  • 2CEBFA0C-4921-49CF-9875-98B307A5CE92
  • FD88A559-7A59-40F4-A5B5-DD9D969C0B53
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