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Had a great day cruising with some knucklehead SoCal SOCers along with Tom and his son Brian. Awesome weather along the Malibu coast, great food at the Rudder Room (Channel Islands Marina) and finish off the day shredding some tasty turns on Mulholland Drive (King of the Hill) through the Santa Monica mountains.

It was another good day with my SOC friends; GERD, Derek, Gary, Alex and son Aaron, Will P, Nick Hasson (glad you could join us Nick), Tom and son Brian.

Just a few pics from the day;

Will P catching up in Malibu Beach with Tom Blankinship and son, Brian...

Tom & Brian catching some rays on the way to the Channel Islands Marina...

At the Rudder Room, (L-R) Aaron and dad Alex Salazar, Nick H (w/ dark blue wide-body at left) and GERD...

SOCers talking cars (Derek's wide-body GTR and Musbjim's VS)...

A fantastic car on a famous run on a glorious day with a couple of dudes inside. In other words, Jim Ignacio's Vintage on Mulholand Drive in the Santa Monica mountains bombing past The Rock Store on Sunday 8.28.11 with me at the wheel with my eldest son, Brian (wearing a hat reminiscent of my father) in the passenger seat.


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