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Hi everyone,


We finished a batch of our 304 TIG welded Stainless steel exhausts for 550 Spyders. They fit our Seduction Motorsports Spyder, Vintage Spyders, Beck (Special Edition) Spyders, Fibersteel Spyders, Thunder Ranch Spyders, CCW Spyders, and most other kit DIY at home Spyders. Just call us to confirm fitment before ordering and if we need to make changes, we can in house before shipping you an exhaust that doesn't fit.


The pictures only show the back half, however the pricing includes the headers as well for a Type 1, Type 4, or EJ Subaru. On the EJ Subaru engines we need to know which engine so we can weld on the correct flange. We make all our flanges in house on our waterjet, everything is made from 304 stainless so it will NEVER rust. Hardware is also included, all 318 stainless hardware. If you need new gaskets, let us know as well.


Depending on which engine setup you have, might take a week upon order so we can hand fabricate it for you. We currently are using Magnaflow stainless steel mufflers but are looking for some cleaner mufflers. The welds straight from Magnaflow are sort of sloppy. In the pictures posted below, this is our media glass beaded stainless 304 finish with TIG welds added afterwards to give it that vintage racecar look. We can also have these polished to a mirror finish (which will also never rust) for an additional cost.

Pricing starts at $999.00 USD depending on application, if you need anything custom, finish, and if you need gaskets. We always give any Speedster Owners member a discount, just mention it.


Give us a call at: Seduction Motorsports 480-404-1117

Or send us an email at:


NOTE: we can fabricate anything for these Spyders in house.... don't be afraid to ask!













Thank you,


-Daniel Verwers

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