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My speedometer hasn't been working since I started driving my Speedster.

Tonight I unscrewed the cable and saw that the square end of the cable was going into a round hole on the back of the speedometer.

The round hole is threaded. Am I missing some kind of adapter that screws into the round hole?

1957 CMC (Speedster) in Ann Arbor, MI

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Thanks Greg.

If you procrastinate for a few years you can still beat me for longest build time.

I am starting to think mine started square and some part inside was jammed so that the square hole became round, although there is no metal debris inside the part that screwed onto the speedometer.

I am using a backup light switch between the speedometer and the cable. My transmission doesn't have a place on the nosecone for a switch. It looks clean inside.
Nope, In I.R.S Transaxles it's where I say it is. It would hardly be serviceable if it was in the nosecone. There's pics of the switch floating around here somewhere. The speedo back up switch sounds novel....gotta look that one up.

EDIT** I did find a pic of a swing axle with the switch in the nose cone. They musta made a change for IRS cause my switch in the rear end if the trans.

Ya never stop learning here...never heard of the switch Mike has. Those crafty Germans think up some weird ideas.[]=-1&search_time=0&search_fields=all&show_results=posts&sort_by=0&sort_dir=DESC
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