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I hijacked another thread with this question and in my search I found someone that actually did it.  There are alot of old 986 Boxster out there and it sure would be cool if someone would build a fiberglass 550 body to put on them.  After all the 986 was designed after the 550 and did rescue Porsche financially.  

check out this build:



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I love it , but it’s not really a “Kit car” ,

I would not use the round tail light , Porsche used a couple other style lights on the “Humpback” auto show car etc ,

Also there needs to be another idea on the rear grill , it just makes you notice how big this car is ,  

I would be happy to have a fiberglass kit body of this car , but thats not going to happen…..

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I mean, if you have a lot of money and nothing better to do with it.

I'm not the mechanic/builder here but it just seems a bit silly to take all the modern comforts out of a Boxster to make it look like a Cadillac compared to a 550......

When you could spend same money on a really nice 550 or a better Boxster.

By the way. The last pic in that article looks like the bizarro version of Stan in Danny's Spyder. That dude looks tiny in his creation.

The guy looks pretty small. I'll bet Stan would look good in it. I understand the center tunnel, that's where the coolant lines run.

I really don't get the one huge grille. I've never seen a Spyder with only one grille, there are always two or MORE.

I'm with Chris on this, there is no reason to do this other than "because you can".

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