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The insurance is already paid out on it so it'll have a salvage title by the end of the summer.

That entire rear clip was replaced (very badly) in the past so I guess it's time for another rear clip which it would need, anyway.

Still, if someone were looking for a VSCCA race car on the cheap, this would be it.  Everything forward of the firewall looks good for a race car conversion.

@jncspyder posted:

@Napa Paul   you are correct ,sir! i was also remiss by not saying it could have also been a backfire through the carbs...paper filters? either case ..a truly bad rosanne rosanna dana once said..."ya jnow jane?'s always sunthin'...if it's not one thing it's another"   hope the owner was insured...perhaps fixable if not toooo crispy?

If you go to the linked eBay ad, you'll see he was insured and the remains are being sold as a "Project Car." I guess whether it's "toooo crispy" depends upon what a Buyer thinks his -  or her - skills are, eh? At least what's left isn't a melted glob of fiberglass!

I must not be seeing the "roughness" of the rear clip.  It looks pretty good to me; aside from the fire that is.  Smooth lines all the way around.

At least he parked it near a storm drain as it burned.  You know...for the runoff from the Fire Department.

Oh wait...that runoff would become an environmental catastrophe!

Apparently you didn’t look at the eBay pictures!



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