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This popped up from Adam Wright at Unobtanium and I thought you guys might like to see the ad, too.  $150K to buy it, dump in another $250K - $300K and make a few bucks when you sell a concours, numbers-matching Roadster for an expected amount over $650K (Maybe closer to a Million, if the restoration takes a few years).

There was another of these in the Boston area that sold just a few years back for $550K and I thought that was quite a lot, not fully realizing what I was looking at.  I remember that car, and it was a real stunner.

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Jack, the guy who owned and restored Dean Jeffries Carrera has a life long buddy named Ernie that pulled this out of his garage after 40 years and had it restored. Jack said he bought it in the 70’s and immediately took it apart. It had been in pieces ever since.

The day he brought it home from the paint shop.



This was the car I was referring to back when Lane’s coupe was in process wrt the body-colored wheel factory option.  He sold it last year at Amelia Island now he’s considering restoring his race car to road specification.  Ernie’s an interesting guy. He autocrossed a 550 with a flat fan (and no clamshell) back in the 70’s.


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