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I joined this forum 6 years back thinking I was going to have the time and money to finally build my speedster.  Sadly, neither of those things happened and now thinking of moving out of state (I’m in CT and may head south).  I purchased my kit way back in 91 and things just never worked out getting it done.  My question is what is it worth?  I’ve searched around and haven’t really found any for sale.  It’s a CMC wide body in Red in decent condition (considering it’s been laying around for over 30 years).  It should be 99% complete as far as parts aside from a broken windscreen (no pan or motor/tranny).  I do have some engine parts from a motor I started 25 years go.  Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks.  Paul.

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HA, Paul, you sound like my brother from another mother!  I bought my CMC kit new in Nov 1988 - had it shipped to N VA and worked seriously on it for some time.  Got remarried, had a kid, bought Chesapeake Bay property for retirement, retired from DOD and took Wash DC consulting job so progress halted and it became covered with stuff in garage.  I paid $9k for deluxe classic black (supposed extra cost) gel coat kit.  I added a '71 VW chassis that had been my new wife's car when she attended college in FL.  Retired totally and moved to NW FL - thinking I'd get back on building it - needs another 40 hours for wiring and upholstery.  Adding up my receipts I come close to $14k invested.  Engine rebuilt 1641 cc with CW crank, 110 cam, new 043 heads, dual Dellortos - but never run.  Mine has sat so long I might have to tear apart and put it back together. Already been through 2 sets of unused tires due to age! And 4 sets of wheels due to my changing taste - 4 lug VW/chromes/Pedrini/2L Fuchs --- and eying 5 bolt Fuchs replicas now. 

@Alan Merklin says the flared bodies are not as sought after as the classic bodies although I think they were $1k more in 1990. So perhaps $1-2K less valuable. 

Parts are becoming expensive - some of the original CMC parts aren't worth using today (like vinyl top/tonneau and interior).  A VW pan with trans and core engine with title seems to be $1500 not and perhaps a tube chassis would be better.

I've seen forgotten kits go for $2k years ago - none under $4-6k recently though.  Think Alan said it easily $16k to get one nice and on the road - and that was a couple years ago!  So maybe taking a 50% loss on new cost - would net you $5k.  I haven't bought or sold one - I'd sell mine but so close to finishing I hate to admit defeat!

So how far south are you headed? Retirement?  I went from DC are to FL - to avoid state inome tax, lower cost of living, less people and wife's aging dad (now deceased).

Feel free to PM me.

Thanks for the all the responses, but I really don't think I can take it with me.  It's been so long and haven't done anything with it, and I don't think I will have the room, time or money in the upcoming years (I have 2 "toy" cars already.  A 93 Saab 900 vert and 91 BMW 850i I need to have room for).  It's a very sad day for me since this has been a dream for such a long time.  Unless a financial miracle occurs in the very near future, this dream must come to an end.

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