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"It’s got enough Porscheyness not to look hideous, like some painted modern Audi, BMW, or Lexus colors."

Thank God I used a muted, 1999 Audi White Pearlescent paint on "Pearl" - She really likes it....

So do all the other chicks.

Lite Pearl

And if you park them just right, with the right angle of setting sun, the base color is the same as Marty G's old IM!


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  • Lite Pearl
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@Stan Galat posted:

They’re not original, so I’m not sure why I’d care about a color’s originality. It’s not like a mustache on the Mona Lisa....

...Is "baseball glove" an original interior color? Is that OK?

I'm slow on the rules.

While you are right, Stan, our pride and joys are not P vin numbered examples, so we're not bound by the same constraints as owners of originals and the whole color palette is available to us, there are colors that suit these cars more than others, and that's what I took from what @dlearl476 (is it Dave? my apologies for having forgotten) was saying- that it's a not often seen color that would look good on a Speedster.  And I do think that some great looking Speedsters have been built over the years with some not so traditional color choices.  Otherwise, yes, your question concerning baseball glove interiors would certainly raise a great point.

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