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I decided I can't live without the new Corvette so a car or two need to go to make garage space. My Spyder is a 2002 Beck build that is in great shape and runs perfectly. I have the convertible top and toneau cover. I changed the shifter out to a cable shift. It is the big dual carb engine ( 2456 if I remember right ) and disc brakes. It has about 8000km on it and is located in Casper, WY. I'd need a little under $30k. It is registered as a 1955 Porsche.


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I'm waiting for the convertible version which is promised a little later.  Can't beat 8-speed paddle shifter and 495 hp!  Yeah - I'd like a manual but not getting any younger and my wife would drive it if automatic.  Seems a bargain for just under $60k - will see how quickly the options increase that price.  Don't need more HP or better handling - but a radio, heater and AC would be nice.

2020 Chevrolet Corvette C8 convertible

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Todd M posted:

I love them, and I have not even seen one in person.

Me too....I have been waiting for a mid engine  Corvette for years..... I have a Cayman and it is a joy to drive.... I like everything about the C8.....mine will be the base model with no options in black or a color that will mute all the busy crap…. a poor mans McClaren F1....happy birthday to me.....

The kid next door just got a C7 (he has hardly been in Medicare more than a few years) so I have to keep up with the neighbors...

Interesting that the average new Corvette buyer is around 60 and 40% pay cash..

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That is an AFR gauge that I used to dial in both the idle air mixture and jets. I also balance the carbs with an airflow snail. The engine is the larger one ( 2165 I think ) that makes 180hp. It is a four lug and has four wheel disc brakes. The weather is almost nice enough in Wyoming to get it out of storage so I'll be re-listing it soon. I just need the DMV to open now for updated registration.

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