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Beautiful brand new build from Vintage Motorcars of CA currently available for bid on Bring a Trailer auction site. Here is a link to the auction. It is free to register to bid:

The auction ends Friday, November 3rd at 3:32 EST

Feel free to call me at 770-359-8400 with any questions about this car or to discuss having a Speedster built in the exact colors and options of your choice!


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  • 748BA5BB-EAA9-402D-B31F-8F7280BCD9B0
  • BBB89CC6-94D4-4222-8BDD-96549B73793B
  • 2DECED85-EE90-45C5-9CFC-EE8D5F98D005
  • 88505001-AE37-4CDF-845D-94AD184AEFDE
  • 1519BFEA-09AE-438D-A649-5D5486305CF6
  • 4420D7A0-CFD0-4668-BF71-710A19A89865
  • 83F845F9-AFBD-40AA-BD27-B74C3312C709
  • 42EF7C00-ADB1-492E-B5BA-620B8C3E5EC9
  • E7CCF3B8-628A-40D5-B720-284E699059ED
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