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It's starting to move !  Went down last week to install my clam shell safety latches prior to the body being sent out for painting (Black with Red frame)

These are  aircraft panel latches made by Hartwell . They will replace the customary leather cowboy belts used as a safety back-up for the rear Clamshell hood releases.

I modified them a little so they would work on a panel that's about 3 times thicker than aircraft skin and also made a new "button" to bring it up level with the "skin" of the clamshell. My friend took the liberty of engraving a little Spyder them.

Here's a couple photos of them.  I will use the red ones........Bruce


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Yes he did Rick.  It was supposed to go to the paint shop last Wed. but I haven't checked to see if it did. I know Greg was out of town for a few days.  probably working on transporting 70 VW chassis to the shop. Yes 70 of em !

The plan is to get the black paint on then bring it back for some pin striping  and then back for clear coat over the stripes. I will be there for the pin striping.

By the way, Greg won't let me do any hands on work on the car, in the shop,  because of insurance restrictions and liability issues but I provide the special tools and jigs and close supervision.  Grinding fiberglass is NOT my favorite task anyway. The body has been gone over and all the pinholes filled and primed .

When I was there we penciled in where I want the switches and other stuff located. It's getting the bigger GPS speedo.  I changed my mind and am not getting the Banjo steering wheel this week but I might change again.....LOL !  I'd like to have a tool box adjacent the battery box in the back. Big enough to just fit in a scissors jack and lug wrench.  Perhaps this week I take down some more stuff like the seat belts and  ECU for the power plant, etc. .............Bruce

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