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Wednesday after work the Harford County VW club staged an outing at a local ice cream stand and then drove to the mall. A guy named Dean hipped me to it on Sunday so I saddled up and drove out.

Nice folks and they accepted the Spyder as an honorary Bug.


The Ghia is a young man named Josiah, my neighbor's son. He inherited the car from his mom and totally re-did it, straightening the body, making and welding on new panels, sourcing interior bits and building up a 1776 with CB fuel injection and A/C. He laid down the paint himself too.

That's him with his back to us.

He really rocked it, imho.


The lady with the Woody told me her father had encouraged her to buy it when she was a teen. It was the only time she can remember him saying to splurge. She's had the car over 40 years now. The headliner is wood strips. Looks like a lanai. Should've taken a picture.



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Makes me wish I still had my 1950 Spilt Window bug. 25 HP, mechanical brakes and semaphore turn signals we called "Mach niche" sticks (not sure how it's spelt). Used to remove and reverse the front seats to sleep during overnight drives. Could nearly hit 60mph going down  hills. The brake light was part of the "Pope's Nose" and the taillights weren't much bigger than half dollars. 

Oh, I forgot, I sold the 50 Beetle and bought a brand new 1963 VW Convertible (Cabriolet) out of a German showroom for a whopping $1500. I later traded the 63 Cabrio for a 1958 100/6 Austin Healy. Drove the Healy 3 laps at Nurnberg Ring when hitting 120mph on the grandstand straightaway I was passed by a screaming red Porsche. 

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