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Years ago we did a wedding in Miami and while there we decided to take the double-decker bus tour of South Beach.  The young-ish guide sat in the front and pointed out celebrity homes like Gloria Estephan's place, out on the island, and so forth.  

As we rode past a car dealer with lots of exotics out front he proclaimed, "This is where Justin Bieber rented his Lamborghini!"

Then a few blocks later he tells us, "And THIS is where Justin Bieber crashed his rented Lamborghini!"

Spelled "Estefan."

About 25 years ago I dug into a company called Central Florida Investments and its timeshare entrepreneur, David Siegel (who was later made semi-infamous in a documentary called "The Queen of Versailles.")

There in the land and court records concerning about 3500 acres of swamp and sand hammock in and around Orange and Oceola Counties, was an elderly Puerto Rican man who had, like thousands of others, purchased a 2.5-acre home plot on the installment plan from the company. But this particular man, after showing the contract to his son, was told...uh, dad, I think you got scammed. The son and the wife decamped from Miami to eyeball the supposed "valuable land" and discovered, perhaps inevitably, that "of course it was underwater," according to the wife, who I managed to get on the phone.

The son was the percussionist for Miami Sound Machine.

I can't remember if they got their money back.

Years ago my family and I were walking near the Ft Lauderdale beach when we felt the ground quivering and a rumbling sound growing close. A bright yellow Lambo cruising the strip slowly drove by. While a Ferrari sounds melodic, a Lamborghini growls. On a different note, no pun intended, Ferrari and Porsche have a prancing horse emblem. Ferrari has a charging bull, my Volvo has a prancing moose.  Volvo


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