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I was looking at this car and the bright bars following the base and the top of the window are pretty cool, I wonder if one could add those to my IM ?   Probably not on the top edge as my window unzips and folds down but maybe the bottom one.


Here is the answer but it has nails. .... would have to make it with studs and screws or tap those nails so that I could use washers and nylok from the underside.  Thoughts.


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Had a Mercedes 190sl  years ago and replaced the top. The bows are heavy aluminum with wood nailers. The top was not sewn together at the rear bow. The front and rear portions were nailed at that location and the trim piece your looking for was a finishing strip. This allowed a really tite fit of the top. The connection to the rear of the body was also nailed to a leather strip in a metal channel. If no wood bows I wouldn't try to put them on.

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I have some half round aluminum trim that has nails in the back ,  it was used on the earlier 356 PreA  cabs  and nailed onto the wood front bow and rear edge of the seating area ,

The better way would be to have the trim with a slot in the bottom  and bolts that slide in the slot  like bumper trim ,

But this trim is so narrow  I am not sure if there is room .

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