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Folks, it's time to register for the Carlisle Import/Performance Show! The annual 20 percent showfield discount runs through the end of the year. $36 instead of $45. Please choose Speedster Owners Club at the drop down.

We have a block of rooms reserved at The Courtyard by Marriott Harrisburg West/Mechanicsburg once again. The rate is $145 per night starting 5/08 through 5/11. I'll post more details on that once I hear back from their sales rep, Greta.

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Let's let Ed get through Christmas and get properly geared up about this.  Then we can work on the bedding arrangements that might suit Paul a little better.  PS: I really enjoyed hanging (and eating and drinking) with the buggy guys last time and I wonder if we just play that ad-hoc as before, or work it a little and get just a bit more organized/coordinated with them?.  Whaddaya think?


One of the past Presidents of the Meyers Manx Club USA lives down in Connecticut, but I have lost his contact info in my phone.  He and his wife have a Gold, Turbo-Suby-powered Manx with a Surfboard up on the roof.  I saw it in one of the photos taken at the last Carlisle event.

The best thing would be for someone to contact the club at: via email, ask for contact info for whomever is organizing the Carlisle event and go from there.

Here's their website, and scroll down to the Carlisle event:

There's a whole bunch of them in New England, they show up at events all over the place and always are a very welcoming group.

Bump.  Here we are after a 2024 gimme day at the First (not Ides) of March.  So beware . . .

Might be time to at least start to understand who's doing what/where wrt May in Carlisle.  I have it from Ol' Ironpants himself Jack Crosby that he is making the pilgrimage with his son this year.  I figure to be there on Thursday.  So there would be the "Who's Coming?" part.  Then the part about what we might do and when we might do it. @edsnova is the Kingpin here, so far as I know, so I would like to turn the floor over to him.  And there has been mention of the a Southern Caravan, which Crosby will be in charge of, I'd suppose.  And for their last push to Carlisle (presumed to be Thursday) , others in the vicinity of the I83 Hagerstown-Carlisle corridor might wish to meet with Jack and whomever else at a Cracker Barrel (or other) for lunch.  As we once used to do.  I'm for it, and Jack says sure why not?

Hey Speedster Friends !!!   Andy (Dune Buggy) guy here.  We are gearing up for Carlisle 2024 again.  A couple things have definitely shifted this year.  We are going to do Valve Cover Racing on the Stage Friday night (6pm Start testing, 7:30pm Racing at night).  

HOWEVER, We start arriving to the campground on Wednesday day, so there is always a fire - a keg - and so much food each night regardless.  So if you are lonely, need a comfy chair and a beer to relax Wednesday/Thursday/Friday or Saturday evening, the fire will be going, music, and lots of laughs till the wee hours   We also have unlimited hot dog(s) and condiments galore as well.

If you all have any inkling on something we can do collectively (Speedsters and Buggies) - Each night is open.  Friday is just a little jammed with Valve Covers, but we could eat before or afterwards.  The race takes about 45 minutes to run with 20+ racers.  It's relatively a quick process to crown a champion.   Our campgrounds will be the same place as before - just past the restroom area/VIP parking.

If you want to build a Valve Cover -  ACME Car Co., will send you one for free if you don't have one and you can customize it to your ability.   Call John Mickle at ACME Car Company if you need one shipped to you - pay for shipping only.   It will be beat up, rusted, still classic VW Valve Cover.   Here is the ACMECup Valve Cover web-site, with build examples, etc.    Honestly, a wooden pinewood derby chassis, those fat plastic wheels and some weights under a valve cover is competitive.  You are almost guaranteed for it to run straight.

Let me know... early, later, or during.  

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Howdy Everyone, Ed and I have been chatting about some things we are considering doing collectively for Carlisle.....  Just throwing this out there.  

First off... Valve Cover Racing.  I built a bunch of very / highly competitive valve cover racers - each of which has been in the running for a trophy (always getting out of the round robin rounds).  A win, a 2nd place, and 4 fourth places some of these have garnered.  Well - I NEED some drivers and are making at least three of these available to the Speedster group.   We will need three volunteers from your group - send me an email and I'll make sure you have one of the cars reserved to race on Friday night.  If not, no worries.... but at least three of you can race and see what this is like.  The rest of you can get into the festivities and cheer your fellow Speedy's on during the race.  Here are the cars, I'm making available - at least three will be open.   Also, I'm showing what the chassis wheels look like underneath each.    Many of you may know something about me, I'm an avid skateboarder my entire life, so my design carries some skateboarding parts and high end bearings in the drive train

We all drive our buggies and cars and park "surrounding the stage" at Carlisle during the race, we bring some chairs, some refreshments, and sit on the stage watching the race up close and personal.  So now there are no excuses for a fun filled Friday evening on the stage at Carlisle.  Testing / tuning the racers start at 6pm, the race is at 7:30pm and till take maybe 45 minutes to an hour to complete.   When the race is over, we clean up the track and pull buggies and cars onto the stage for some photo ops if you all would like the speedsters on the stage.  We also will fire up hotdogs afterwards in the campgrounds on the fire pit and keep putting a bigger dent into the keg.     Send me an email if you are interested in one of these:

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OK, we are all set----Russ has made the hotel reservations and got the infield pass.  He reports that the Speedster is running better than ever.  My plan is to either drive or fly over to Wilson, NC to meet up with Russ and head North!  Can't wait! Is there a particular area on the showfield where the Speedsters and Spyders will gather?  Is anyone working on dinners or cruises or anything else?  (I sure miss the East Coast Bruce and Norma days!)  Who is planning to be there?  Everyome BE SAFE!!

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