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Gordon - STILL a great write up.  I'm about ready to install my top.  I have the VS Haartz fabric top and ABS header bow (which fits better than the CMC one) and CMC bows you used.  I want to incorporate the heilm joint like Mike McK used and a retirement check worth of Tenax fasteners (need them for full VS tonneau too)!

Wow, I checked the VM prices.  They don't offer the vinyl as VS did - only the Haartz cloth.  Prices are up 50% over what I paid (yeah been 12 years).  Tonneau price increase is about the same too.


Post pictures of your progress or it never happens.    😉

I bought my top from Kirk and Mary and it must have been in 2006 because that was, I think, when we trailered back from Carlisle, no top at all on Pearl, and it rained constantly from Lebanon, NJ all the way to Westerly, Rho Dylan.

Took me over a week to dry everything out with the seats and carpet out sitting on the lawn.  If that doesn't give you incentive to add a top, nothing will.

I can't find the invoice, but I think I paid around $400 for it.  I used the CMC header, but you're smart to use one from VS - They simply fit better.

The VS / VMC top really should use the same Mfg. metal bow set as there is a difference on the corner radius and will fit better.

CMC Header Bow fix : I adjusted a CMC header bow that had shrunk and it would not drop down over the upper windshield frame. With the cost of a new one I decided to attempt to fix the CMC bow.  From the left and right ends with a Saw-Zall, I sliced halfway down through the bow making a total of 7 slices on each side  1 1/2" a part ( see chalk marks)   With a barrel rasp in a cordless drill I bored a tapered groove into each slice,  set it onto the windshield frame, I used the two part Panel Bond = $59 Amazon - I had some left over from a previous project ) to fill the slices and bored areas, once dried   (Panel Bond is some tough stuff) rough sanded that with 80 grit, skim coated a layer of body filler and sanded that with 220  and painted it black saving me $300 fora new one.

Speedster CMC bow fix


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  • Speedster CMC bow fix
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I wanted to also replace the 2 metal top bows - current price is $350 for the 2 bows plus oversize shipping costs.  Maybe I can trace PanhandleBob's VS top bows and tweak mine or bend some electrical conduit to match.  I'm hoping that adding Hiem If one now has to replace the entire top - cost just for parts is around $1400!  As Alan pointed out in past - costs have greatly increased (doubled?) last couple years!

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