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CMC Widebody Speedster Kit for Sale.  I purchased this back in 91 and it never worked out getting it done (or started for that matter)   It’s a CMC wide body in Red in good condition (considering it’s been laying around for over 30 years).  It should be 99% complete as far as parts aside from a broken windscreen (I have it, but the corner is broken).  I also have a bunch of engine parts that will go with it.  2 cases (one had been bored for larger pistons) and a bunch of other parts (sheet metal, fans, oil cooler, heads, etc), plus a couple of things new that were for my build.  No tranny or chassis.  I’m moving out of state this year and sadly this will not be able to join me.  Pictures to come (just need to clean things up a bit to get it out of a garage packed with crap).  Asking $8000, located in Stamford CT.  Here's a link to pics on Flickr that may be better (and I added more descriptions).  Speedster Pics



Images (24)
  • Front
  • Chip: There is another much smaller one in one of the corners of the hood
  • Finish: The Gel Coat is in pretty good shape.  Gave a quick compound and wax and shined pretty nicely.  A more aggressive compounding should give it a great finish.  May need a wet sanding in a few spots to make it great.
  • Inside: Those clamps are to hold on some wheels I made to roll it around.
  • Porshce 0
  • Rear: That wood is for wheels I made to roll it around.
  • Bumper
  • Deck: Deck and chrome insert are still in original wrapping
  • Foam
  • Hood
  • Kit Parts 1
  • Parts 1
  • Parts 2
  • Parts
  • Rim: Rims are still in great shape
  • Roll Bar
  • Seats
  • Shell
  • Side
  • Vinyl 1: Vinyl is still in original packaging
  • Vinyl 2: Vinyl is still in original packaging
  • Wheels
  • Winshield 1
  • Winshield 2
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