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I got the 4-cam Fuhrmann kit for Christmas last year, and it was/is quite fun.

One thing though - if/when you do decide to pull the trigger, be very wary if it's only priced at $39. From a 'normal' retailer it should be $200+.... 

This one might just be a screaming bargain. but experience with these kind of sites suggests you'll not get what you pay for...

I ordered one from this guy  datewanu.

I paid the asking price of $40 and received a package of junk from some California address:



Santa Fe Spring, CA 90670-6341

What I received is like 10-15 Lego pieces and nothing like what this guy is advertising:

Tried contacting him at:

but that's also bouncing.  I have no choice to call this guy a crook!  So be ware.

If I am wrong and this is a misunderstanding, just send me the real item.  My order number was:

ORDER 3S396450X2211830G

Order was placed on 10/16/2020.


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If you do a general web search for that email address you will find it linked to many many websites with different names that all look same. Each has a variety of products that look priced way to good to be true.  The terms of service say they are governed by the laws of the UK, but the domains are all registered to Chinese mainland addresses.

Oh and your item was shipped from a public storage site, so chances are that return address is fake as well.


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