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Not mine but very interesting UK '80's kit car.  $29k in Canada though (importable to US?) Built on shortened VW pan - often Type 3.  There is an owner's site - Welcome To Covin Technical :: VW Classifieds - 1969 911 Covin


1957 CMC Classic Speedster

    in Ft Walton Beach, FL

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A friend built one like that in the early 80s. It used stock 911 steel doors and had a Corvair engine in it. It was a horrible copy, and due to his constant humiliation by real 911 owners, he ended up buying a real 911 to soothe his ego. I, at the time put a Porsche 356 sc  engine in my 65 vw bug. That was a fun fast car, and I was a young man with pep in my step,  and a song in my heart.

I see another one was just posted for sale here - but no details, price or pictures.  It too is in Canada.   Is there a build manual available anywhere online?  Much of the COVIN web site is dead.  Wheelbase about the same as a Speedster.

Wheelbase87.2 in (2,215 mm)
LengthCoupe: 165.2 in (4,196 mm)
WidthCoupe: 72.1 in (1,831 mm)
HeightCoupe: 50 in (1,270 mm)
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