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Never heard of 'em, Richard.  I know that Dr. Chris Klieber (sp?), owner of Kitman Motors, will sell you a do-it-yourself coupe body that seems to be of good quality.  You can get a Pre-A kit from Greg ( @VSpyder), owner of Vintage Motorcars (Sports?  Why can't I keep that straight?).  His kits are well regarded here.

Tell us a bit more about what you want and maybe we can help more.

  1. Do you have a specific budget?
  2. Do you want to build it yourself?
  3. What configuration?
  4. Any other pertinent points.

This is a page to a re seller of customs fiberglass products based in San Antonio TX.

I have been conversing direct with the owner of customs fiber glass in mexico through his face book page. Rafael Albiter.

It all seems a little dodgy, but i dont believe it is. Im thinking of taking a trip down to see the factory when I’m safe to travel again and would prefer to buy direct from the factory... but there are some issues that I may need to over come when bringing in a used foreign chassis when I come to registering it. Some may say that the cost difference between buying from the re seller V’s the factory will relieve these issues... if you knew the price difference you may side with me, but i dont have the full picture yet.

I want to build a coupe car, daily driver (if I choose) myself to a good/high standard.

I want to use the suspensions front and rear.

I want to use a subaru EJ20 motor with a rebuilt freeway flier VW Tansaxle.

I want a kit that has the rubbers and the glass already sorted out.

I want all the body panels, doors and decks, already hung and gapped with latches and hinges.

I want a chassis that is already shortened and fits the body perfectly.

I have more personal specs that will add to the price. This is not the first time i have built or rebuilt cars. My wish list tackles the parts that I have had problems with in the past and that have reflected the quality of my finished product. The more money I can save on the body and chassis, the more I have to spend on the nice things I want to put in and on it.

I dont want much do I? I am expecting to spend around $40K. You may say, you can buy a JPS all done for that much... but I can see the AC unit under the dash, the body isn’t totally undercoated, there is a modicum of sound deadening internally, The fixtures and fittings aren’t going to be exactly what I wanted, the suspension will be the antiquated VW stuff, it wont have disc brakes front and rear... and i wont have built it myself. I would have to tear it to pieces over time to replace stuff and do it to my standard and that would add up to costing a whole lot more in the long run... 

make sense?




Thats cool thanks, for info to all. Customs fiberglass coupes come with deck lids hinged, latched and gapped. Doors come hinged, latched and gapped also. The body, including doors and decks, are filled, sanded, filled sanded And then primed to accept paint. Rubbers and glass for windshield and rear window including rear quarter glass is installed before shipping. Door glass is installed also including manual movement gear. Its a very advanced body.


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lol, I’m with you on the paint behind window rubbers. The bit that appeals to me is that the glass fits with the rubbers... i would take the glass out again to paint. How many times, even on factory cars, have you for round to glass and rubbers and something needs altering... at least I will know that everything fits at a pre finish point. 
i loved the picture of the guys on the roof... least we know its fairly solid....

Are there different levels of construction available?  Their web site doesn't say the glass is actually installed just that it is included.  "All sales final" is rather scary.

  • Coupes come with a windshield, back window side glass and roll up door glass.

  •  Doors come with latches and hinges.

  •  Rear deck lid and front hood both come with a latch, hinges pull    cord  and prop rods.

  • Complete interior, seat door cards and carpet 

Richard, I’ve been exploring a very similar plan to yours - Subaru powered 356 coupe.  I have begun collecting all the parts for a hardtop sunroof (from the Beetle)  to be installed.  I am leaning toward buying a used replica coupe, or project real one, and (re)building to my taste.

I have studied all kit and turn-key options that are out there I believe.  I would go with a JPS coupe kit before the one above.  They can also provide you with a rolling chassis that is already titled in CA.  They have been sending quite a few completed spec coupes to South Atlanta Motorsports in GA that have been selling well and for a nice price (resell value).  They look quite nice so the kit should be good:


if you are in Europe go with a Speedster Clinic (UK) kit or build.

Buying a kit does have an advantage if you have doubts about the seller.  You can be present at the sale.  You bring truck, you see kit, you inspect kit, you hand them cash, you load kit.

There are a lot of horror stories about non delivery of paid-for turn-keys on this site.  To emphasis above, I would not pay anyone but Vintage Motorcars, Special Edition or JPS for a coupe build.

I’m in Dallas TX.  If it wasn’t a 4-hour drive to San Antonio I would contact these guys and ask to inspect a coupe kit for you.

My 0.02,  Chris

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