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@Bob: IM S6 posted:

Good for you, Alan.

Have you kept track of the geographic area all of your sales have gone to?

You need one of those maps with pins on it to show each delivery.

If I did a pin map I would need to include Germany, Belgium, Australia and more .  I do have two speedsters and a dune buggy within 10 miles of each other in Maui . Other than that, they are scattered all over.  A small percentage have popped back up for sale over the years and other have disappeared from site. What's cool is the number of long-term friends acquired from the hobby. One " Jake " in Key West has just decided for me to finish a 2nd speedster project for him he just bought .

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@Alan Merklin wrote: "One " Jake " in Key West has just decided for me to finish a 2nd speedster project for him he just bought ."

I don't see how that could be possible, since you have now "retired" at least four times in the past four years.    🤣

But, hey.....   It keeps you busy and keeps you young(-ish) so, What the Heck!

We just got an inch of snow here, but fortunately, the salt briners weren't deployed so it's still safe to take the Speedster out.  Sigh.....  It's just a matter of time.

Winter is (almost) here.

Winter Sucks


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Hey, @Sacto Mitch!


We just took the round-about route from Chris' place back to the house, past Tufts' New England Veterinary School (Basically a big, big farm) and saw all of the wild turkeys feeding in the fields and sitting in trees close to the forest - Must have been 40-50 of them.  Unlike those on the infamous WKRP in Cincinnati Turkey Drop, all of the wild ones can (and do) FLY!   Just imagine a beachball-sized bird flapping away at a few hundred feet up.  And they fly fast (for their size), too.  

Made it look a lot more like Thanksgiving out there in the wild forests of New England, where the Town names are unpronounceable, Everyone is stern in Winter, and no one trusts people "from away".  


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