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Guys, y'all might be used to this sort of thing, but with the car's first show, I was blown away by the attention the Spyder received.  I've participated in car shows with three other cars over the years, but I've NEVER gotten this many people taking photos, asking questions, etc.  I was talking almost nonstop for 6 hours.

Early in the morning before the show officially opened, the professional/hobby photographers swarmed it, and then when the crowds started coming, the IPhones came out for more pics and videos.   One thing that really surprised me were the number of people taking pictures of each other in front of the car.  For goodness sake, an entire family actually posed next to the Spyder for a group shot!  Needless to say, this was gratifying, especially the comments from the other displayers around me telling me that my car "was the star." 

Fortunately the meatballs finally arrived, and I got them applied the day before the event.  And while I kept the rear shell closed for the majority of the show (opening it briefly for those that wanted to see the motor), when I left it open later on in the day, it drew more onlookers.  Of course, this means that I'll need to be dressing the bay up a few levels before the next event.  ;-)

I got to check another box on the way home, experiencing a frog-strangling, South Florida downpour.  I may have to get those wipers working.... 


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@aircooled posted:

Great looking Car !  Also I think the area to display all the cars is beautiful !  It looks as though they're all spread out.  Plenty of room to walk about and view them. Even the street enhances them.  Enjoy the attention Sir !............Bruce

Thank you, Bruce!  Mizner Park is a retail plaza.  It consists of a long, oval street, with a plaza running down the middle with grassy areas, gazebos, and fountains.  It's closed off from traffic for the event, making it perfect for a car show.

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@dlearl476 posted:

We have a show that’s very similar coming up this weekend at The Riverwoods, an “outdoor mall.” I know what you mean, with both the attention and the downpour. Sadly, my Spyder won’t be in it this year as I haven’t been physically up to fixing the motor since I broke it coming home from a show last august.


Wow!  What a cool pic with the three models -- and the carrier, too!  Which one are you in the photo? 

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