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I assume the floor tiles are 12" square - if so the front bolster on either side would be a tight fit on a VW pan based car where you are limited to 18".  In a Beck with tube frame, they'd fit great.  I like the cognac color - looks great with many exterior colors.

Porsche 914 seats fit great.  They have slide/tilt.  The headrest can easily be removed.  Here's photos of ones that I started on before I found tan VS seats.  I do have all the slides/tilt gear, handles, etc.  Just need recovering or work on covering. There are premade kits that could be modified to recover but suspect cost woud be same as recovering.  Easy to add seat heaters too.

Seat3914 seat no back 2914 seat no backtooth


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I wonder if Ray's seats have electric adjustment?  I just love the look of them.  

The seats I had in my F250 looked pretty ordinary but they were 12-way adjustable with electric knee bolsters.  Those were great on our 2-day-long trek between homes.  The only thing missing was a back massager.   😉

John Estes (remember john?) installed a pair of Volvo electric-adjustable seats in his IM so I know that those fit, and they would probably fit in a Beck without issue, too.  Pan-based IM/VS/CMC cars?  All those will fit are 914 and Mazda Miata seats

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