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David, you only need to ask the question once...

FYI, Beck motorsports is no longer in Baldwin Park...
The information provided in another post is very old.

Chuck Beck is building a few cars and I believe he's in Georgia. Special Edition is in Indiana and Automotive Legends is in Malibu, CA.

You've opened up a real can of worms when you ask which is better

Each has their own merits. Special Edition can provide water cooled as well as air cooled engines. They also have a great cable shifter that they install in their cars and, Carey and his dad are great to deal with. Tom McBirney at Thunder Ranch can build pretty much what you want. Greg at Vintage makes a very fine car but getting the car may require a wait but when he's finished, the car is beautiful.

As I said, each has their merits and I'd suggest you do a search here and as well at (By the way, I just activated your account at spyderclub

Good luck

Sorry about posting in seperate subjects. I just wanted someone to acknoledge my posting.

With respect to BSC, I have read many bad things about them on this site, and I spoke to Luke himself. He tried to sell me a unfinished spyder for 15k and a turnkey for 25k.

I rather purchase a vehicle that can be made in a timely basis, on budget, good quality craftsmanship, and in working order when delivered.

Just don't know who to trust in this business. All the builders have different products and bad mouth each other.

I spoke to the salesman at Automotive Legends, and he says that it will take 2-3 months to build the spyder.

Also, how flexible in price are these vendors capable of negiotiating?


I have a Vintage, it is a beautiful well constructed car but the wait (38 months) was unreasonable and no fun at all. Some Vintage buyers have had their cars delivered much quicker but it is impossible to know Greg's agenda and his delivery schedule. The best advice that was given to me (and I unfortunately ignored) was to find a used and sorted out Vintage preferably licensed (SB100 in California) in the area you plan to drive it.
Good Luck!
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