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We both took some SWAGs with the environment data and just winged it.  When I got the prototype working I ran it past "Hot Rod Charlie" and found that the Hot Rod folks use something similar on the upright gas tanks in Hot Rod Pickups for the same reason we do (no baffles).  Charlie now has one of mine in his '40 Ford shop pickup.  

Had I been more awake a couple of years ago I would have had the sense to buy the components cabinet when my last local Radio Shack went out of business.  One of the Robotics professors at WPI beat me to it    but that's probably a good thing.

I can get pretty much anything I want from Amazon or "You Do It", for a great price with free delivery tomorrow.  I am amazed that I can get free 3-day delivery out of China on electronic components, too.  No idea how they do that and make any money, but then Amazon now has airborne freighters just like FedEx.  

I ordered my 12 volt digital heater thermostat from some place near Shanghai and had it three days later.  $20 bucks complete, delivered, 2 years ago.  That same gizmo is now down to $15.99 with free next day delivery.

Looking inside (I couldn't resist) and coming from the electronics industry where I was responsible for assembly product costs, I could not produce that little thing in the 'states with US-sourced components for less than $30 plus shipping, even on a fully amortized robotic line.

Think about that.

>>>>>>I built ten dampners plus the prototype - When they're gone, they're gone and you'll have to build up your own.


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Hey, gas gauge calmer-downer people!  Mitch Toll (another Five Cent Racing groupie) brought up a really salient point:

If you plan on installing one of these modules and you go to remove one of the fuel tank sender mounting screws, you better have less than half a tank of gas in there or you will get a gasoline gusher out of the hole when the mounting screw is removed to attach the ground lead of the module.

I never saw this because in all of my messing around I never had more than 1/3 full tank so it was never an issue.

Don’t be like “Stupid Gordon”.  Be more like “Astute Mitch” and run your fuel level down in the tank before installing the module!

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