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Sold the Outlaw , same day as the truck arrives to take it to the new owner  my buddy in Key West tells me about a black gel coat ( yup gold CMC wheels too) flared CMC that was built 17 years ago and 80% done with a fresh 1641 and has never been started....Did a deal with the Iowa owner and three days later it arrived here.  Also had feelers out for a dune buggy project, found an all new buggy in South Carolina that was also 80% done and that arrived a few days after the Speedster.  Fellow WV friend Tom found a pristine one owner  2005 F-150 it was suffering from bad timing chain guides and I grabbed that to replace my other F150 've had for seven years.  I will finish the buggy and get the F150 back also this week and I'll redo the Speedster this winter.

Buggy sc 2

Much dune buggy progress since this photo

F150 custom 1

What the F150 soon to be daily driver will look like but will have black and machined surface Raptor wheels.

Speedster elete award black                                                                                                                                                          I have done two CMC flared black speedsters in the past like this and there will be a third ~


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  • Speedster elete award black
  • Buggy sc 2
  • F150 custom 1
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