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Just received my new Vintage Motorcars build this past Sunday.  It is beyond my expectations.   Cost is always a consideration of course but I didn’t hold back on this purchase.  2387 cc engine, IRS, Rudge style wheels, leather interior, front and rear sway bars and Koni shocks, under dash e-brake, etc.  I love it!  Let know if there are any other MD owners on her who attend the car shows on Saturdays in Hunt Valley.  IMG_4419IMG_4416IMG_4415IMG_4409IMG_4399IMG_4410


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Well, Aquamarine is my wife’s birthstone so it made the sell to her a little easier to get the car.  LOL

Yeah, it's amazing how well that works, but those March ladies can be a tough sell.

Welcome to the Madness!

And Kelly Frazer  @El Frazoo  outside of Baltimore is gonna be envious - He only has a measily 2332!

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WOW!!  Love me some beehives!!  That car and the garage it is in, are gorgeous.  Looks like  a lot of details were attended to meticulously.  Under dash brake, radio, banjo ... And a pretty awesome engine in there too, it seems.  Per Nichols: I'm happy enough with my 2332.

As to Hunt Valley, I have been to the car show up there a few times, but it is a bit of a hike from down here in the Clarksville/Columbia area.  There are three venues here that work well for me.  One is just minutes from my garage at Mickey and Mel's in Maple Lawn.  This has turned in to a HUGE show of cars of every sort.  Lots of Lambos, Masers, GT3s and true hot rods.  I have found a few air cooled examples there and have seen some Speedsters, one of which was original (!) Typically its held one or two Saturdays a month in the spring, summer, fall.  There is a more American classic/muscle type show in Burtonsville on Sundays, I think.  And then the docks area in Annapolis every Sunday, pretty much.  This show is very popular too and parking is a challenge if you're not there early.  8:00 I think is official start time, but I bet folks (not me) show up at 7.

Welcome to the madness, as it seems to have settled in on you pretty bad.  I will look forward to meeting you and drooling over your new ride. It is awesome.

PS: there is a gathering each spring in May at the Carlisle (PA) fairgrounds where they welcome replicas and "foreign marques", among other things including a very vigorous crowd of dune buggies, which share a good deal of DNA with the Speedster/Spyder folks.  The replica Speedsters and Spyders have been gathering there for many years with various numbers of attendees.  We get a block of rooms at a convenient motel, have a space reserved at the fairgrounds, run tours and cruises, go to dinner and mostly hang out and talk cars.  There is a thread about all of this here under Events. Typically folks arrive Thursday, the "main event" at the showfield is Saturday (although the grounds are open Fri-Sun) , and then the trip home on Sunday sometime.

Hey Ricky you going to Hunt Valley tomorrow? I was not planning on it (at 35 degrees the summer tires will be unhappy) that's a sweet looking Speedster.

Here's my Spyder at Hunt Valley Horsepower back in September:

Oh, and: welcome to the madness. Please consider joining us at Carlisle in May.


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I don't often go to C&C or Car Shows, but when I do, I place a placard on my windshield. This takes the wind out of the blowhard P-car purists that like to bellow how they can tell it's a replica.

Speedster C&CSpeedster Placque

When asked "Why a replica?" my reply is "...Well, they're sorta like breast implants. EVERYBODY knows they're fake, but they're still nice to look at...and WAAAY more fun than the originals"!

Wishing you many miles of top-down driving while you enjoy driving that bad-boy!


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Ah I get it…. it’s like when you walk into a store and all over the signs say “Do not inventory” Just kidding, but really there are always those who will say ah … it’s just a kit car,  as if her name is Kit, I tell them her name is Sabrina.

Maybe I should add that she was built by hand by Henry, Robert, Kevin and their helpers.

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I don't "show" my car, as in put it up to be judged.  I just park it and let it be admired -- or disdained -- whatever.  I am proud of it, it suits me just fine (usually)  and hangin' with car guys at CnC is fun stuff.  At Carlisle, you can enter to be judged, or just park it and let it be.  Hanging on the periphery and watching people look at your car is fun.  Standing right by it and answering questions and swapping stories is also fun.  You meet some really interesting folks that way.  While I have never endured any snooty noses at any event, I have never, to my knowledge, attended or tried to "crash" a Porsche party,  As some here have done with mixed results. Most P-car owners love the idea of The Speedster enough to appreciate that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.  And yes, as I hear it, a few are really offended and can be a pain.  Those deserve to be totally ignored.

Just for clarification, I don't really do "car shows". My trophies are for long distance driving in my Speedster and also now in my Roadster. I've likely got one long distance record that will never be beat, taking a long and winding road from Sacramento, Ca to Carlisle, PA and up to home in Ottawa. 5,900 miles in total in a 1978 pan built IM with a fresh 1915 engine. My excellent Wife has been on every trip.

You sure have a beautiful car and your photo expertise and trophies show it nicely.

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PS: I did do a drop in car show at the Annapolis Yacht Club affair a few years ago.  No fees involved, I don't think and some really nice cars on display -- lots of P-cars not 356 models. And other European issues.  really nice bunch of folks.  Chris McDonald brought his Spyder as I recall.  And they did have awards to be given for this and that.  At the end of the day, the MC of the event admitted he was a little stumped because everybody loved the 356/550 representation but they had no official category, and so we each received a nice engraved beer glass.  Call it a Peoples' Choice award.  So there was that . . .

Lenny and I have been going to the Historic races at Lime Rock since 2005 or 2006.

My favorite thing? To park in the Porsche corral. Lenny and I get waved in most years even though we are fakes.

There is a crowd around the two(sometimes four if some friends show up as well) Spyders all day long. All the while there are snooty noses about. It's REALLY funny.

But other than that, I don't do judged car shows, or really any shows at all. I couldn't care less what anyone thinks, I built the car for me.

At the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix a couple of seasons ago, I parked in the "Porsche Coral" along with a few real 356s (coupes), and even one or two replica Speedsters, plus a hoard of 911s.  Nobody seemed to mind. They won't let replicas participate in the actual race, but that's OK. That whole venue is massive, thousands of cars of all sorts parked everywhere.  There were even a few FVee racers. in the open wheel division on the track.

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