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A coworker built a teardrop camper and clad it in aluminum. He gave me all the scrap aluminum for free. What's a guy to do?

I made some inserts for my headlights.

Headlight insert 1

It cleans that area up nicely.

Headlight insert 2

The right one is still stock. I had fluted outer lenses on it, but I like the look of the clear ones better. But with the clear lens, you can see all the glory of how rudimentary our headlight buckets are. Fixed it....


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  • Headlight insert 1
  • Headlight insert 2
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Thanks youz guys.

The headlight buckets on a Spyder are tilted back just a little bit more than on a Speedster. I had to modify the pivot points so that I could make the beams point down the road versus the sky.

Pivoting them more shows even more of those stock buckets, so I figured I'd make an insert to dress that area up a bit. Now I need to make one for the other side.

If someone wants to make some for their car, make sure your lights are aimed where you'd like them to be first, because this insert will prevent you from adjusting them up once installed.

When I make the other one, I'll take a few pictures, just in case anyone wants to try.

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